Spring and Summer 2010

I have decided to put my academic schedule up for all the world to see.  I think it will help me hold myself more accountable so I can get these things DONE.

Most of my semester revolves around my Thesis. For those of you unfamiliar with a Thesis, it is basically an empirical research question that we test by collecting and analyzing data and then we write a book about it for free.  A Dissertation is much more in depth, so I look forward to starting on that in the next couple of years (um, yeah, no).

I will not include projects I have to do for work because most of it is Classified. Suffice it to say, I do just as much research and writing for work as I do for school.

These are the textbooks I am reading this semester:

{Occupational Safety – Goetsch}

{Sensation and Perception – Goldstein}

We also have empirical journal articles to read each week for those courses.  I will only share with you the ones I am presenting/teaching this semester.

The Big deadlines:

January 11th – IRB proposal due to Office of Research

January 21st – IRB committee meeting

January 26th – Psychophysics “quiz” aka The Psychophysics Beast

February 2nd – Write summary and present this article to class:

March 15th– Thesis proposal submitted to committee

February 4th – Occupational Safety report

February 26thHFES submissions are due

  • Team performance as a function of task difficulty in a distributed computer game-based architecture


February 25th – Occupational Safety report

February 26th – Interview at Old Dominion University for Human Factors PhD program

March 2nd – Write summary and present this article to class:

March 16th – Sensation and Perception Exam (which will be like a punch in the face)

March 18th – Human Participant Research Protection Program Training

April 6th – Write summary and present this article to class:

April 8thVirginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center Student Capstone Conference

April 12th – Thesis proposal presentation

April 15th – Occupational Safety report

April 15th – Teach class on Noise and Vibration hazards in Occupational Safety


April 27th – Sensation and Perception Final Exam

April 29th– Occupational Safety Final Exam

June 7th – 11th – Human Systems Integration Training in DC for work cancelled

TBD – Thesis Defense

August 20th – Thesis due to Office of Registration (holy crap!)

What I have to look forward to:

March 6th thru March 14th – Spring Break

March 7th – My birthday (turning 27 and I feel GREAT about it!)

May 19th – 23rdBloggers in Sin City

May 23rd – 27th – Boulder, CO

May 27th30th – Boston, MA

June 6thThe National in DC

June 16th – 24th: Glasgow for Human Performance at Sea conference

TBD – Trip to Portland*

August 27th – Graduation (wow!)

August 30th – Begin PhD program as a 3rd year graduate student!!!!

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0 thoughts on “Spring and Summer 2010

  1. Boston! I have some family coming somewhere in the middle of June, and some people in April, and we have a couple trips, but really a lot of free time! You’ve got my email now, so let me know if you’re bouncing any weekends around.

  2. portland represent!

    right now my summer is all open except for august 14th for Susie’s wedding and possibly (but not likely at this point :( a trip in mid may to go to Poland). besides that, summer is the best time of the year to visit. it’s sooooo pretttyyy! :)

  3. I need a nap just reading this. And Boulder – ANYTIME. Except fourth of July. Cali and I can totally hook up a Boulder blogger meetup of sorts – fun!

  4. That is QUITE the schedule, lady. I love that you’ve shared your schedule. And ya know what? It has inspired me to create a schedule for my thesis (though I’m currently in a research methods course, and the end product will be the thesis proposal).

    YAY! You’re coming to Boulder?! Yahoo!

    1. I would love to hear more about your thesis. Once I officially propose and start collecting data, I will start a page just for info about my thesis. :) I figured it might be helpful for people to see what experimental psych programs require of students each semester.