Home is where your stomach is (oh, and your heart)

{The view from Lynnhaven Fish House in Virginia Beach a few minutes from my house – via Robert LZ}

{Downtown Norfolk – via PhiSigmaSigma.org}

{Virginia Beach boardwalk – via Weingart Dude

As you probably know by now, I live in Virginia Beach.  I work and go to school in Norfolk.  Both of those neighboring bay/ocean front cities are part of the greater Southeastern Virginia metro area.

I LOVE this place.  And I also love the food here.  I wrote a guest post over at Nomadic Foodie.  It is Doniree‘s food blog where she talks about her food adventures and adoration for wine and cheese plates.  I like wine and cheese plates, too!  So, if you like seafood, cheese plates and wine, you should definitely read my guest post about my favorite local (and semi-local) food joints in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

P.S.  You should come visit me so you can eat with me!  Considering I will be here for at least three more years, you have plenty of time.

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10 thoughts on “Home is where your stomach is (oh, and your heart)

  1. I was so surprised by how nice it was when I visited my friend’s parents there. I love Virginia as a whole, but I love the water even more. I’m glad you love your city!

    1. :) I do love it here. It’s no NYC or San Fran or Chi Town or anything, but I love it nonetheless. Can’t wait to see you in Boston and hopefully you can come visit me, too!

  2. My father’s family is from Virginia Beach, and I miss being down there. I spent the summer before I started college there, and spent every day walking the boardwalk.

    Everytime I go down there I hit the Lynnhaven Fish House, Captain George’s buffet (My family insists everytime) and Tommy’s Restaurant for breakfast down in Hampton.

    I think my family is getting a reunion together this August, I hope so because that will be one of the only times I’ll ever be able to go anywhere in the U.S., come September.

    Who knew that getting what you wanted made you sad?

    1. Aw, if you come down here we should try to get together. :) I know how bittersweet it is to finally live your dream. I miss some of my best friends and my mom and little brother every day. It makes me cry randomly at times because I only see them once or twice a year.
      Hopefully your family can visit you! You will be able to come back down to the US. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you will have time off. If you spend your money wisely you will have a little money to come back here. And you will just have to get them all to sign up for Skype so you guys can video chat anytime. :)

    1. Haha. Yeah, it’s a local secret how fabulous this place is. 😉 It’s really touristy in the summer because people from New England come down here for the weekend. Come anytime!

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