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Home is where your stomach is (oh, and your heart)

{The view from Lynnhaven Fish House in Virginia Beach a few minutes from my house – via Robert LZ}

{Downtown Norfolk – via}

{Virginia Beach boardwalk – via Weingart Dude

As you probably know by now, I live in Virginia Beach.  I work and go to school in Norfolk.  Both of those neighboring bay/ocean front cities are part of the greater Southeastern Virginia metro area.

I LOVE this place.  And I also love the food here.  I wrote a guest post over at Nomadic Foodie.  It is Doniree‘s food blog where she talks about her food adventures and adoration for wine and cheese plates.  I like wine and cheese plates, too!  So, if you like seafood, cheese plates and wine, you should definitely read my guest post about my favorite local (and semi-local) food joints in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

P.S.  You should come visit me so you can eat with me!  Considering I will be here for at least three more years, you have plenty of time.